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Eden Holistic Pet Foods

are an independent, family owned company based in the rural countryside of Staffordshire. The company was formed in 2011 with the aim of producing foods that support the health and vitality of their own animals and then gew into a company that supplies to all.

Here is a statement from Eden’s founder:

As a qualified nutritionist I have more than a keen interest in what we as humans eat and the effect that poor diet has on our health. My approach has always been to educate my clients and support them using a natural holistic approach.

My interest in animal nutrition came about after talking to our local vet who was a keen advocate of “The Ancestral Diet”. The principle was very simple; feed your animal what they would have historically eaten in the wild. Both Cats and Dogs are carnivores and ,although selective breeding means that they do not look like their wolf and wild cat ancestors, they share 99.9% of the mitochondrial DNA. In other words, from a nutritional perspective, todays pets and their wild ancestors require similar food.