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4/5 rating from All About Dogfood

Long before the explosion of natural dog foods began in the UK in the late 90's, Naturediet was forging the way with its trademark trays. Amazingly, the company is now over 35 years old and their formula and packaging has changed surprisingly little since then. They have long since been the best known and most popular natural wet food in the UK

and their position at the top has been well deserved. As with many of the early natural foods, Naturediet is all about simplicity, the idea being that the fewer the ingredients, the less chance of them causing a problem.

Nowadays, many manufacturers have gone the other way with multiple meat sources and ingredients lists as long as your arm, but for very sensitive dogs or for exclusion diets, the old principles are still probably the best.

All of Naturediet's adult varieties are built around a highly respectable 65% good quality, fresh meat. Again, in the name of simplicity, the meat all comes from a single animal source (except for the turkey & rabbit variety which obviously contains two). For owners looking to avoid certain proteins, this can be a real advantage.

After the meat though, the next few ingredients do let the

food down a bit: White rice is fine for dogs but it doesn't provide much in the way of nutrition and in quantities like this, it is often regarded

as a filler. Vegetables are always welcome in dog foods as most are a

good source of vitamins and dietary fibre, but it would be much better if Naturediet could indicate which vegetables they use. Ground bone is a good, natural source of calcium and phosphorous amongst other minerals but again, a named animal source would be better. Seaweed, however, is a great addition as it contains a huge array of healthy

nutrients for the dog.

High meat




Price wise, compared to other natural wet foods, Naturediet cost less than most per gram but because you have to feed a little more, the cost per day works out about average. Conclusion: Naturediet is a very good, simple, natural food with an excellent meat content but its high proportion of rice and slightly vague ingredients list do let it down.